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ACS Army Volunteer Corps (AVC)
The Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) provides centralized assistance, found at, for thos wishing to volunteer in the community. Volunteers may earn certificates of appreciation, Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medals (MOVSM), etc.
ACS Employment Readiness Program
The Employment Readiness Program is intended to maximize opportunities for employment by providing employment counseling, career planning, job information, skills training, and referral services. The ERP is intended to assist Family Members, Retirees, and DOD Civilians.
ACS Employment Readiness Program
Offers DoD ID card holders, career and job search training, employment and educational information, information on volunteer opportunities, internet job search and assistance in resume writing for federal and private sector resumes, and interview preparation assistance.
ACS Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
EFMP is a three-tiered mandatory enrollment program (SFRC/Medica/HRC) to provide assistance to military Families with Special Needs (physcial, intellectual, or emotional disabilities). Enrollment triggers HRC assignment nominations to ensure Family needs are considered during the selection process. Systems Navigation/Information & referral/advocacy is available.
ACS Financial Readiness Program
The Financial Readiness Program educates Service Members, Family Members, and the Fort Huachuca community about financial issues. Services offered include budgeting, debt liquidation, credit concerns, security clearance concerns, consumer issues, Service Members Civil Relief Act, etc. Unit/Group training and one-on-one appointments are offered.
ACS Mobilization and Deployment Readiness
The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program provides active duty, reserve units and guard units with pre and post deployment/mobilization briefings, Rear Detachment training, Reunion Workshops, Battlemind Training, Family Readiness Group training and assistance, information and referral services, resource materials, and Operation R.E.A.D.Y. (Resources for Education About Deployment and You) training.
ACS New Parent Support Program (NPSP)
A voluntary program offering educational, supportive, and in-home services to Military Families with children through 3 years of age and Families who are expecting. NPSP seeks to increase Family well-being through community education and the promotion of healthy Family functioning.
ACS Relocation Readiness Program
Relocation Readiness Program (RRP) eases the burden of moving. Assistance offered includes official installatioin welcome packets, Newcomers' Orientation, Lending Locker, Overseas Relocation briefings, and various resources. Resources for foreign born spouses (English as a Second Language (ESL), and support groups) and Hearts Apart is available for Families separated from their sponsor due to duty requirements.
ACS Survivor Outreach Services
Survivor Outreach Services is a multi-agency approach to delivering services to Survivors. The SOS mission is to expand and improve services to Survivors.
ACS Victim Advocacy Program
The Victim Advocacy Program offers services which include crisis intervention, emotional support, obtaining protective orders, securing emergency food and/or shelter. The Victim Advocacy Program provides information and training about domestic violence, and/or sexual assault; ensure safe and confidential way of seeking assistance; informs victims of their rights, and coordinate information and services with various military agencies and civilian community.
Alcoholics Anonymous Cochise County, Arizona
A fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.
American Red Cross
The American Red Cross provides deployment services before, during, and after deployments. The Red Cross provides training, information and support for military members and their families. Support services include resiliency classes and reconnection workshops.
ARIZONA@WORK is the statewide workforce development network that helps employers of all sizes and types recruit, develop and retain the best employees for their needs. For job seekers throughout the state, we provide services and resources to pursue employment opportunities. By developing our state’s workforce and matching employers with job seekers, we strengthen Arizona’s economy.
Army Community Service (ACS) Family Advocacy Program (FAP)
The Family Advocacy Program is designed to preserve Family wellness through awareness, education and support. Unit presentations are available to meet group specific requirements. -Domestic Abuse Program -Child Abuse Prevention -Victim Advocacy -New Parent Support
Army Continuing Education System (ACES)
The Army Continuing Education System (ACES) Army Education Center at Fort Huachuca provides a variety of educational opportunities to enhance the quality of life for personnel in the Fort Huachuca and Sierra Vista communities. Our diverse array of services provide for personal growth, career development, and educational needs. Our testing programs enhance the ability of military and civilian students to further their education and achieve degrees faster.
Army Emergency Relief
Assistance in the form of interest-free loans, grants or a combination of both to relieve financial distress of Soldiers and their Family Members. AER offers scholarships for spouses/dependant children through the web site:
Army Family Team Building
Army Family Team Building (AFTB) empowers individuals, through self-development and leadership skills, basic Army knowledge and specialized training, to maximize personal and professional potential. Trainings available through
Army Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) EXERCISE SESSIONS
Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) exercise sessions assist Soldiers in maintaining optimal fitness during pregnancy and improving readiness postpartum, to return a fit Soldier back to unit PRT after maternity leave and the postpartum period.
Army Suicide Prevention Program
The Suicide Prevention Program works to increase Suicide awareness throughout the installation and community through education and intervention services.
Army Wellness Center (AWC)
The Army Wellness Center (AWC) provides standardized primary prevention programs and services designed to build and sustain good health and improve the overall healthy lifestyles of Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees, and DA Civilians. Clients seeking improved health with AWCs becoming empowered to set their own health goals and achieve them. It addresses lifestyle change in areas that affect both short- and long-term health, engaging people in their "lifespace"— the places where they live, work, relax and rest.
AWANA Children’s Ministry
AWANA stands for “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed”. It is a Christian children’s program and every meeting consists of Bible study with verse memorization, a Bible story and games. There are clubs for six age groups from 2 years old to 12th grade.
Barnes Field House Fitness Center
The Barnes Field House (BFH) has three (3) combination handball/racquetball courts, a main gymnasium with two(2) multi-sport (basketball/volleyball) courts, a dry sauna in each of the locker room (men’s & women’s), a well equipped fitness center and weight room. The BFH offers a collection of selectorized weight machines, stationary bikes, steppers, treadmills, ellipticals (X-Trainers), rowing machines, and spin bikes. The BFH also offers aerobics & spinning classes taught by certified instructors. Adjacent to BFH the Bujalski Track & Field Complex contains a multi-purpose athletic field. It also contains a 400m track with eight (8) lanes, high jump area, and long jump pit. The indoor pool is a six lane, 25-meter heated swimming pool. Lap swim is available as well as open swim. The pool also offers adult swim lessons.
Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health provides assessment and treatment for service members and family members. Counseling services are available.
Behavioral Health/Family Advocacy Program
The Family Advocacy Program provides assessment and treatment for families involved with child abuse. Child and adolescent counseling services are available.
Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers
Components of BOSS include: Quality of Life/Well Being, Community Service and Recreation and Leisure
Boys and Girls Club of Sierra Vista
The Boys and Girls Club of Sierra Vista is available to help youth improve their academic performance, avoid risky behavior, adopt healthy lifestyles, and build character. The club offers an after school program, summer camp and more.
Casualty Assistance Center
Assists families when there is a death of a Soldier, retiree, or veteran with various types of services.
Chapel (Kino)
The installation Chaplains provide counseling for life and spiritual issues for Soldiers and Family members, single Soldiers, and Retirees. A Chaplain can also make referrals to specialty care if needed. Also, contact your Unit Chaplain for any and all interventions/preventions.
Chaplains Family Life Counseling and Referrals
The Family Life Chaplain provides counseling for family and life issues for Soldiers, Family members and children to include single Soldiers. The Family Life Chaplain can also make referrals to specialty care if needed. Also contact your Unit Chaplain for any and all interventions/preventions
Child and Youth Services (CYS)
This is the one-stop location for registration for all CYS Services Programs. The Parent and Outreach Director can provide information and assistance with supplemental childcare options (e.g., parent co-ops, short-term on-site care, and babysitters) and other resource and referral requests.
Civilian Personnel Advisory Center
The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) serves as consultant to commanders, supervisors, management officials, and employees in developing and administering a comprehensive civilian human resources program.
Colonel Johnston Elementary School
Colonel Johnston Elementary serves grades K-2. Fort Huachuca Accommodation School District Special Needs Preschool and FHASD cross-categorical classroom are located at Colonel Johnston.
Colonel Smith Middle School
Colonel Smith Middle School serves grades 6-8. Colonel Smith Middle school is beautifully situated at the base of the Huachuca Mountains on the Army installation of Fort Huachuca, located in southeastern Arizona. While Smith is an Arizona public school, the students who attend are primarily military dependents of U.S. Army personnel stationed at the Fort. We serve students in grades six through eight, with an approximate enrollment of 345 students.
CYS Babysitter List
Fort Huachuca Child, Youth, and School Services (CYS) maintain a list of registered CPR certified babysitters in the Fort Huachuca area. You must be registered with CYS to obtain the babysitter list.
Department of Emergency Services
Provide professional installation security and force protection through Law Enforcement Operations, Physical Security Support and Fire Emergency Services while maintaining liaison with local, state and federal agencies.
Domestic Crisis Shelter
Provides telephone crisis intervention and shelter for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. Includes advocacy, groups, parenting classes, and transportation to needed social and legal services.
Drug Disposal
Most unused and unneeded pharmaceuticals can be disposed in special drop boxes located at the pharmacy. This removes potentially harmful medications from the home and provides environmentally safe disposal. Contact the Pharmacy for any special concerns.
Education Center
The Army Continuing Education System (ACES) Army Education Center at Fort Huachuca provides scholarship resources, college information, counseling services, testing, the use of public computers, and study guide resources.
Eifler Sports Center
The Eifler Fitness Center has one combination handball/racquetball court, a main gymnasium with two multi-sport (basketball/volleyball) courts, a dry sauna in each of the locker rooms, and a complete line of fitness and weight equipment.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The EAP is a professional service that provides assistance with adult living problems, counseling, resource identification, referral, and follow-up services.
Equal Employment Opportunity Office
Ensures a work environment free of discrimination, race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, and physical or mental disabilities
Expanding Horizons Child Development Center (CDC)
Expanding Horizons CDC offers childcare for ages 6 weeks to kindergarten. The following programs are offered through Expanding Horizons: part-day pre-k, part-day preschool, and hourly care.
Family Advocacy Program (Clinic)
The Family Advocacy Program provides assessment and treatment for families involved with child abuse. Child and adolescent counseling services are available. The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is dedicated to the prevention, education, prompt reporting, investigation, intervention and treatment of spouse and child abuse. FAP provides educationally based programs and training to active duty soldiers, retirees, and their family members.
Family Care Clinic
Provides primary medical care to all non-active duty Prime patients enrolled to RWBAHC Primary Care Managers (PCM). The clinic offers an integration of both pediatric and adult services.
Family Fitness Center
The Family Fitness Center is a child friendly fitness facility open to all Family and MWR patrons. The center is where patrons can come in, workout, and keep an eye on their children at the same time. The facility has several play areas, numerous toys, and TVs for children to use. Yoga classes are available in the Family Fitness Center.
Fort Huachuca Accommodation Schools
The Fort Huachuca Accommodation School District (FHASD) serves grades kindergarten through eight, and is divided into 3 schools: two elementary schools and one middle school. The FHASD district is zoned to serve residents of Fort Huachuca. Families residing off-post may apply to attend the district through an Open Enrollment Process. The FHASD is an Arizona public school district, not a Dodd School System. Information for the following programs and services can be obtained by calling the District Office: Child Find Information, Arizona Early Intervention Program, Gifted Services, Transition Services, Special Education Services, Kindergarten Transition Services, Early Entry to Kindergarten Program and Open Enrollment.
Fort Huachuca Community Spouses Club (FHCSC)
For over 60 years, the Fort Huachuca Community Spouses' Club (FHCSC) has been a part of the military community as well as the surrounding areas. Open to anyone for membership, the FHCSC is a non-profit organization that strives each year to raise funds to give back in the form of scholarships to high school seniors and adults continuing their education. The club also provides grants to organizations, area schools and many other groups in the community.
Fort Huachuca Fire Department
The fire department, in addition to firefighting, provides emergency medical services in response to on-post 911 calls, fire prevention inspections and instructs post personnel on fire prevention.
Fort Huachuca Veterinary Clinic
Fort Huachuca Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) offers many types of routine services for the pets of military families. All pets living on post must be registered with the VTF upon arrival.
Garrison Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program
Fort Huachuca Garrison Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program reinforces the Army’s commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual assault through a comprehensive policy that centers on awareness and prevention, training and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting, and accountability.
General Myer Elementary School
General Myer Elementary School serves grades 3-5.
Horseback Riding
Located in the rustic foothills of Fort Huachuca, Buffalo Corral Riding Stables has horses to rent for groups or individuals by the hour. Horses are also available to lease by the month at reasonable rates. Privately owned horses may be boarded in a private mount area at an affordable price.
Housing Environmental Health Response Registry
The Housing Environmental Health Response Registry is a resource for residents to report housing-related health information and concerns. Residents will be invited to enroll in the registry and initiate an exchange with public health professionals. Registry participants will receive information on in-home environmental health, assistance in seeking medical care, and an opportunity to share concerns with Army leadership.
Housing Services
All arriving and departing military personnel are required to process through the housing services office. The Housing Services Office can help with off-post housing needs.
Infectious Disease Epidemiologist
State Health Department Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program. The contact information provided is for the chief infectious disease epidemiologist in that program. Within these programs, each state conducts disease surveillance, collects information on reportable diseases from all healthcare providers and hospitals, and from local and regional health departments. Each state’s infectious disease epidemiology program investigates disease outbreaks, analyzes and distributes information on the incidence and prevalence of infectious diseases, health events, zoonotic and vector-borne diseases and vaccine-preventable diseases. States provide considerable disease and state-specific information on their state health agency’s website and search engine.
Inspector General
The Inspector General assists military personnel, their dependents and civilians to resolve problems that cannot be solved by the chain of command or other agencies.
Local Air Quality Information
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a tool to communicate the status of local air quality to the public—the Air Quality Index (AQI). The AQI is derived from real-time air pollution measurements taken at monitoring stations throughout the United States. The AQI has three components: a color, a score and a health message recommending protective action based on the level of air pollution. The current AQI for air quality around (Fort Huachuca) can be found on the EPA AirNow website at the web address below. AirNow is also available as an app that can be downloaded to an Apple or Android smartphone. Everyone can also sign-up for a daily air quality email or text message at, an EPA partnership.
IHG is committed to enriching the quality of life for Army Soldiers, their families and visitors of Fort Huachuca. The hotel consists of 20 double-bed rooms with private bath and 245 single rooms with a queen-size bed, private bath and kitchenette.
Military and Family Life Counselors (MFLC)
MFLCs provide solution-oriented consultations to individuals, couples, families and groups. Counseling services include life skills (anger management, relationship issues, parenting) and military lifestyle (deployment stress, homesickness, relocation adjustment). MFLCs services provide flexible appointment times and flexible meeting locations.
Military Caregiver Resource Directory
Designed to help empower military caregivers with information about national-level resources and programs specifically for them. Topics include: helplines, advocacy and benefit information, career transitions and employment, military caregiver support, children’s needs, education and training, financial support, rest and relaxation, and others.
Military Caregiver Virtual Forum
Military caregivers may join their peers virtually in a Department of Defense online forum every month to discuss topics that they choose and network with others who are experiencing similar challenges. Caregivers learn skills to overcome challenges and share resources.
Military Intelligence Student Clinic
Military Intelligence Student Clinic provides sick call service to active duty Initial Entry Training students and reclassification Soldiers. Students should check with their Platoon Sergeants for a sick call slip.
Military OneSource Counseling Services
Military OneSource offers non-medical counseling options to Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve members and their Families. Military OneSource counseling services are designed to provide service help with short-term issues such as adjustments to situational stressors, stress management, communication, and parenting skills issues. Counseling sessions can be arranged face-to-face, by telephone and online.
Military Pet Education (MilPetED) Mobile Application (Android)
MilPetED is a free application for smartphones and tablets, designed to provide easy access to animal health information, tips and resources for Service Members, beneficiaries, and retirees.
Military Pet Education (MilPetED) Mobile Application (iPhone)
MilPetED is a free application for smartphones and tablets, designed to provide easy access to animal health information, tips and resources for Service Members, beneficiaries, and retirees.
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Helpline
NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. We are an association of hundreds of local affiliates, state organizations and volunteers who work in your community to raise awareness and provide support and education that was not previously available to those in need.
National Domestic Violence Hotline
Operating around the clock, seven days a week, confidential and free of cost, the National Domestic Violence Hotline provides lifesaving tools and immediate support to enable victims to find safety and live lives free of abuse. Callers to The Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) can expect highly trained, experienced advocates to offer compassionate support, crisis intervention information and referral services in more than 200 languages. Visitors to this site can find information about domestic violence, safety planning, local resources and ways to support the organization.
National Resource Directory
The National Resource Directory is one of the largest online collections of government and non-government resources specifically designed for Veterans, service members, their families and caregivers. With a unique collection of more than 16,000 organized and vetted resources, the directory provides information covering a variety of topics, including benefits and compensation, education, homeless assistance, housing and other services.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.
New Beginnings Child Development Center (CDC)
New Beginnings CDC offers childcare for ages 6 weeks to kindergarten. The following programs are offered through New Beginnings: Full-Day program, part-day preschool, part-day toddler, and summer camp.
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate
Provide legal assistance and advice on Separation/Divorce and assist with paperwork.
Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) EDUCATION
Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) education provides training for enhanced knowledge, skills, and resources to assist Soldiers during pregnancy and postpartum, and prepare Soldiers for delivery, recovery, and parenting.
Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) Remote
The intent of the Army Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) Program is to implement a mandatory standardized Army-wide PPPT Program. Family Members are welcome.
Preventive Medicine
The mission of Preventive Medicine is to protect and promote the health of the entire Ft. Huachuca community through the provision of comprehensive, quality services. These services are specifically designed to prevent illness and injury, maximize readiness, and improve quality of life. Our customers include permanent party and reserve soldiers, students, family members, retirees and civilian employees.
RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network)
RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline providing free, confidential advice 24/7.
Risk Reduction Program (RRP)
Risk Reduction Program (RRP) offers commanders a management tool that tracks, assesses, and acts on twentyone soldier high risk behaviors. This program places prevention resources on the identified high-risk behaviors and assists in maintaining soldier and unit readiness.
Runion Dental Clinic
The Runion Dental Clinic provides dental services for Active Duty service members. All Active Duty annual examinations are appointed and scheduled with cleaning and possible filling. No walk in examinations are provided for Active Duty permanent party Soldiers unless extreme extraneous circumstances exist.
Safe Ride Program
The Safe Ride Program offers Soldiers, Families and Civilians a way to prevent drunk driving. Transportation Express is contracted to provide local round-trip services from residences, including barracks, government quarters and off-post residences to a local establishment or private residence which serves alcohol. The round-trip fee costs $6 per person and is collected by the driver upon arrival. In exchange, the passenger receives a card with a phone number to call for the return trip.
School Liaison Services
The School Liaison Officer works in conjunction with the Child and Youth Services Division and local school community to address educational issues involving military children.
School-Age Center (SAC)
The Seifert SAC program fosters social interaction, personal growth, recreational skills, educational opportunities for children in kindergarten through 5th grades. The following programs are offered through SAC: before and after school care, technology lab, summer camp, and hourly care.
Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program (SHARP)
The Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program reinforces the Army’s commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual assault through a comprehensive policy that centers on awareness and prevention, training and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting, and accountability.
Soldier & Family Readiness Center (SFRC)
Soldier and Family Readiness Center (SFRC); a multifaceted one-stop center offering prevention and education services during the full lifecycle of the service member and their family’s career to enhance readiness and resiliency.
Soldier Centered Clinic (SCC)
Soldier Centered Clinic provides medical care for Active duty permanent party military, Flight personnel, Officer Basic and Advance course students, and NCO Academy students.
Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP)
SFL-TAP is the Army’s transition service for Soldiers, DA Civilians, and their family members who anticipate transitioning from active duty. SFL-TAP focuses on providing service members and their families’ professional employment preparation training, counseling, job search resources, other employment and education opportunities, and personal financial coaching.
State Epidemiologist
State Health Department Lead State Epidemiologist is responsible for the identification and response for all health threats that occur within that state. This individual is selected by each state’s primary health official (usually the state health department director), or the state board of health. A state epidemiologist is usually responsible for each state’s infectious disease epidemiology program, often along with many other state health agency programs involved in disease detection and prevention.
State Public Health Laboratory
State Health Department Laboratory supports statewide environmental health protection monitoring by performing analyses for chemical, microbiological, and radiological testing, biomonitoring of water, wastewater, air, soil, hazardous wastes, and other environmental concerns. State environmental health laboratories are associated with that state’s public health laboratory.
Substance Abuse Prevention Coordination
Supports the readiness and resilience of Soldiers, civilians and the community by raising awareness and providing education and training on the danger and consequences of drug abuse.
Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care
Assessment and treatment services to include education, rehabilitation team, out-patient and in-patient treatment using individual and group sessions to address the spectrum of substance concerns.
Swimming Pool
The Irwin outdoor pool has a climbing wall and a couple of slides, call for seasonal hours since the pool is only open during summer.
TRICARE Network Provider Search by Specialty
The Network Provider Directory offers details about military hospitals and clinics, network doctors, hospitals, and other health care professionals in the states listed above. These network providers have an agreement with Health Net Federal Services, LLC, which means they can deliver services at a lower out-of-pocket cost to you.
Women Infants and Children (WIC)
WIC is a federally funded program which provides nutrition education, breastfeeding support, community referrals, and nutritious foods. With a complete nutrition assessment participants are provided an individualized food package to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Please use the website to review eligibility and additional information.
Youth Sponsorship Program
The youth sponsorship program matches incoming youth with a student who has similar interests and can help make the transition to a new school a smoother one. The program is offered to incoming military affiliated children/youth. The point of contact for this program is the School Liaison Officer.