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8th Army Newcomers Website
Soldiers and Families identified to PCS to Korea are highly encouraged to visit 8th Army's Newcomers section on the Official Home Page of the Eighth Army The Korean peninsula has undergone major transformations and this website is designed to assist Soldiers and Families with a before travel and in-processing guide. This website also serves as an online One-Stop where personnel can connect and learn about the programs and services offered in their future community.
American Red Cross Camp Casey
For Emergency Communication Message Assitance: Contact Hero Care Center 24/7 at 1-877-272-7337 or online at

For information on First Aid/CPR/AED classes, Resiliency workshops, "Be Red Cross Ready Class-Disaster Preparedness" and additional Red Cross programs and services, contact Camp Casey Red Cross Office.

Offers volunteering opportunities

Assist with Blood Drives

Army Community Service (ACS) Financial Readiness Program K-16
Provided by Army Community Service: Small and Large group classes and training on personal finance topics. Topics include: Thrift Savings Plan; Investing; Building Credit; Debt Management; Budgeting/Saving; Home Buying; Car Buying; Couponing; Insurance; Electronic Banking; Baby Planning; Identity Theft; Preparing for Your Initial PCS; Retirement Planning.
Army Community Service (ACS) K-16
Army Community Service provides a wide range of information and services for Service Members and Family Members. The program supports the mission of building self-reliance, resiliency and stability. ACS programs include: Army Emergency Relief, Army Family Action Plan, Army Volunteer Corps, Employment Readiness Program, Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Advocacy Program, Financial Readiness Program, Information and Referral and Relocation Program.
Army Emergency Relief K-16
Interest Free Loans, Grants, & Scholarships for Soldiers, Retirees, & Families. Soldier and/or Retiree must be present.
Army Safety Program
Review of organizational programs, mission, accident experience and focus as it relates to Safety and Occupational Health. Provides updated informational briefings to the Garrison.
Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) Camp Casey/K-16
Provides services which are adequate and responsive to emphasize alcohol and drug abuse prevention, education and deterrence. Contact the Camp Casey ASAP office to schedule training.

There is no office located on Yongsan. Contact the Camp Casey Office for U/A turn in scheduling. Contact the Camp Casey ASAP Office to schedule attendance to Unit Prevention Leader Training given at Camp Casey.

Arts and Crafts Center - K16
Classes are subject to availability. ◦Korean Paper Crafts: ◦Pottery Wheel Throwing: ◦3 D Printing: ◦Matting & Framing: ◦Jewelry Making:
Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers (BOSS) - K16
The Better Opportunities for Single Service members (BOSS) program represents the voice of the single service member. If you're a single service member, BOSS members advocate for you by advancing quality of life issues on the installation, and in the barracks, to senior leaders on post and throughout the Army. Has Volunteer opportunities.
Child and Youth Services (CYSS) Yongsan
Full day , hourly , part-day , special openings, extended and long term childcare. Scheduled to close in Summer of 2022. Contact for more information.

Scheduled to close in Summer of 2022.

Child Development Center (CDC) Yongsan
Provides child care for single/dual working parents full time, hourly care for volunteers and intermittent needs, and part-day preschool sessions during either morning or afternoon hours. CDC does have summer camp. Scheduled to close in summer of 2022. Contact for more information.
Collier Community Fitness Center-Yongsan
Full service, state-of-the-art fitness center. Features cardio equipment, free weights, TRX, spin bikes, outstanding group fitness classes, and much more! Fitness equipment orientations, youth orientation, fitness assessments and facility tours are available. Scheduled to close in 2022.
Dragon Hill Lodge Guest Services
DoD resort hotel offering temporary lodging to DoD personnel on PCS, TDY, or leisure travel. Reservations can be made by emailing us at
Drug Testing Program (DTP) K-16
Drug Abuse Deterrence initiatives. Contact the Camp Casey ASAP office to schedule Soldiers for Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) Course. Camp Casey ASAP DSN: 315-722-4006/3110 or from Korean Cell: 050-3322-4006/3110.

Contact Camp Casey Drug Testing Coordinator if no answer: DSN (315) 722-4779 or from Korean Cell: 050-3322-4779

Education Center K-16
Those wanting to get a college degree or certifications. The Education Center offers BSEP, CLEP, DANTES and more.
Emergency Services on Post
Emergency response services, MP and Fire.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Camp Humphreys
Services no longer provided on USAG Yongsan. Screening, assessments, short-term counseling, confidential referrals for problems that may affect their job performance and or conduct.

Assist civilian employees with short term life non-clinical counseling. Resource and consultation for supervisors for life work issue.

Fitness Center K-16
Full service, state-of-the-art fitness center. Features cardio equipment, free weights, spin bikes, batting cage, picnic areas, outstanding group fitness classes, and much more! Fitness equipment orientations, youth orientation, fitness assessments and facility tours are available.
Housing Environmental Health Response Registry
The Housing Environmental Health Response Registry is a resource for residents to report housing-related health information and concerns. Residents will be invited to enroll in the registry and initiate an exchange with public health professionals. Registry participants will receive information on in-home environmental health, assistance in seeking medical care, and an opportunity to share concerns with Army leadership.
Legal Assistance Camp Casey or Camp Humphreys
Legal Services provided are limited. The Client Legal Services Office (CLS) offers various legal services to include notary services; claims services; passport applications; drafting wills; powers of attorney; family law information such as marriage in South Korea, divorce/separation and child support; credit issues/bankruptcy; military administrative matters such as NCOER appeals, FLIPL rebuttals, reprimand rebuttals, and more. Tax services available to Soldiers only in 2022.

Special Victim Counsel (SVC) services are also available for victims of sexual assault. SVCs are legal assistance attorneys who have received special training and are appointed by The Judge Advocate General to serve as an SVC.

Library - K-16 Air Base
•The U.S. Army Chief of Staff's Professional Reading List •Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF) Reading List •USFK Commander's Reading List •A Copier •Fiction/Non-fiction and bestsellers •Children's books/Teens' books/Audiobook CDs •TV Drama/Movies and documentaries DVDs •8 Commercial and 8 Military Network Computers are available
Military Caregiver Virtual Forum
Military caregivers may join their peers virtually in a Department of Defense online forum every month to discuss topics that they choose and network with others who are experiencing similar challenges. Caregivers learn skills to overcome challenges and share resources.
Military Pet Education (MilPetED) Mobile Application (Android)
MilPetED is a free application for smartphones and tablets, designed to provide easy access to animal health information, tips and resources for Service Members, beneficiaries, and retirees.
Military Pet Education (MilPetED) Mobile Application (iPhone)
MilPetED is a free application for smartphones and tablets, designed to provide easy access to animal health information, tips and resources for Service Members, beneficiaries, and retirees.
Military Retiree Council - Yongsan
A forum which military retirees get together to share information about program and services available. The council gathers information about issues that military retirees need to be addressed at the local level. If the issue is systemic to the Army it is forwarded to the Eighth Army Retiree Council and then to the Chief of Staff of the Army Retiree Council. The council assist the garrison with planning of the annual Retiree Appreciation Day (due to current COVID restrictions there is no Retiree Appreciation Day). Discussed is information concerning the United States Embassy, Veterans Affairs, Tri-Care and others.
Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention
Unit/Organizational Vehicle Operations, Operators and POV Operations during seasonal conditions, i.e. Monsoon, Ice/Snow, etc.
National Resource Directory
The National Resource Directory is one of the largest online collections of government and non-government resources specifically designed for Veterans, service members, their families and caregivers. With a unique collection of more than 16,000 organized and vetted resources, the directory provides information covering a variety of topics, including benefits and compensation, education, homeless assistance, housing and other services.
Occupational Health Clinic Camp Casey
Occupational Health Sciences fosters the prevention of workplace exposure related injury, disease, and death by providing a wide range of occupational health and injury prevention services in support of Soldiers and the civilian workforce, This is accomplished though the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of exposure to chemical, physical, and biological stressors. Provides Physicals to Emergency Essential Personnel.
Occupational Safety and Health Program
Workplace inspections. Hazard identification, Compliance inspections, PPE requirements, Confined Space Requirement and Training. Job/Work Place Hazard Analysis.
Pass and ID K-16 Air Base
For contractors and volunteers needing access to instillation.
Pass and ID Office Yongsan
For contractors and volunteers needing access to instillation.
Pet Care Center - Yongsan
Available Services: •International Pet Travel •Pet Transportation •Pet Taxi •Free Consultation for pet travel and boarding off post •Pet Boarding •Pet Grooming
Retirement Services Office Korea (Yongsan)
Serving U.S. Military Retirees, their Dependents and Survivors throughout the Republic of Korea. The Mission of the Retirement Services Offices in Korea is to provide counseling and assistance to Retirees, widows, widowers, survivors, and Family members from all branches concerning rights, benefits, and entitlements.

About Us: As Retirement Services Officers we supervise the delivery of the installation Retirement Services Program and the SBP. We are responsible for counseling Soldiers and Family members concerning retirement rights, benefits, and privileges. We serve as the senior commander/garrison commander (GC) SME on the retirement services counseling Retired Soldiers and Family members on SBP entitlements; Survivor benefits/entitlements associated with retiree deaths. Use the DFAS–CL Defense Retired Annuitant System (DRAS) to provide the following services:

(a) View a retired Soldier’s pay account.

(b) View an annuitant’s pay account.

(c) Change allotments.

(d) Change beneficiary information.

(e) Change a mailing address.

(f) Change bank information.

(g) Change tax filing and withholding status.

(h) Reissue 1099–R for tax filing purposes.

(i) Request copies of the Retired Account Statement.

(j) Coordinate with other Government agencies as necessary to resolve problems, provide information and referrals to retired Soldiers and their Families, upon request. Establish subordinate or regional retiree councils, as needed, to support populations residing in the Republic of Korea geographic areas. Ensure that local retiree council members are informed through the chairperson of the council on matters affecting retired Soldiers/annuitants and solicit their support as needed. Write, publish, and mail, by regular post and e-mail, a retiree bulletin at least annually for all retired Soldiers and surviving spouses residing within their area of responsibility.

Schools K-12 - Yongsan
The schools at Yongsan have closed. For more information on schools contact the DODEA Pacific Office at the website below.
Sexual Harassment and Assault Response Prevention (SHARP) Yongsan/K-16
Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) reinforces the Army’s commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual assault through a comprehensive policy that centers on awareness and prevention, training and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting, and accountability. Additionally, the policy promotes sensitive care and confidential reporting for victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault and accountability for those who commit these crimes. Individual sexual harassment/assault response coordinators (SARCs) and sexual harassment/assault victim advocates (VAs) are assigned to individual units.
Suicide Prevention Program Camp Casey
Provides Suicide Prevention training and resources.
Theater Reception
1. Soldiers are required to hand carry the following Documents to Korea; PCS Orders, Leave Form (DA Form 31), Medical and Dental Records (unless servicing medical treatment facility (MTF) sends via certified mail, Military Personnel File (MPF) with records of emergency data (DD Form 93)and SGLV (SGLV FORM 8268-E), MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2)or Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) Proceedings for P3 or P4 Profile Personnel IAW AR 600-60 (Soldiers not boarded by a MAR2 Board are not authorized reassignment to Korea)

2. Soldiers must complete mandatory USFK Reg 350-2 training requirements prior to arrival to the Theater. A completed training certificate will be required during Theater in-processing. To start your training visit the USFK home page at Problems accessing the USFK training module should be directed to the Help Desk at or 757-203-5654/DSN 668-5654 if you have not received an account notification within 24hrs. The Supervisory Development Course (SDC) is highly recommended for any military members that will supervise Government civilians. Military personnel who supervise Civilian Employees are required to complete this course within six months but no later than 12 months after their assignment to a position where they are required to supervise Civilians. The course can be accessed at

3. PCSing with pets: USAG Yongsan and Camp Casey are unaccompanied tours for Soldiers. Pets are not authorized for any unnacompianed tours.. Visit for further details.

4. USAG Yongsan-Camp Casey Lodging for Civilians – Assignment to USAG Yongsan-Camp Casey is an unaccompanied tours. TLA will be administered IAW the JTR and USFK Reg 37-57.

5. A3 visas and status of forces agreement (SOFA) Stamp: Accompanying dependent family members are required to obtain A3 visa and SOFA Stamp within 90 days of arrival. Visit the 8th Army Client Legal Services at for forms and requirements.

6. Schools: Camp Casey and Yongsan DODEA schools have closed due to unaccompanied tour requirements. USAG Yongsan schools are in the process of closing due to base realignment. Visit for information regarding school status.

7. Command Sponsorship: Soldiers interested in apply for command sponsorship in Korea, visit: for more information.

8. Soldiers will arrive via Incheon International Airport or Osan Air Base (Patriot Express). The following procedures are in place to facilitate your PCS. Soldiers PCSing to Korea are required to arrive Sunday through Thursday and not on a Friday, Saturday, or the day before a Federal Holiday. If the latest Report Date identified on your Orders falls on one of the previously stated days, you will be required to arrive on the last day of the weekend or Federal Holiday. Upon arrival at Incheon International/Osan AFB (Patriot Express), Soldiers will report to the 19th Human Resources Company (19th HR) COVID holding Area. At Incheon International Airport, the COVIC holding area is located outside the security gate. A US Government bus will transport you and your baggage to Camp Humphreys for COVID Testing and quarantine. Traveling to your permanent duty location will arranged after qurantine and is not the Soldier responsibility. Sponsors are not authorized to pick up Inbound Personnel from Incheon International Airport/Osan AFB. In-processing through 19th HR is mandatory for all Inbound Personnel - regardless of Rank.

9. IAW DoD Policy. Anthrax vaccination is mandatory for uniformed personnel, emergency essential or comparable U.S. government civilian employees, and contractors traveling or assigned (or deploying within 120 days) to the U.S. CENTCOM area of responsibility (AOR) and the Korean Peninsula for 15 or more consecutive days. Anthrax Vaccination is also mandatory for all special units assigned to previously approved exceptions to policy (ETP), to include members of the USPACOM Forward Deployed Naval Forces and NORTHCOM Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Response Teams. Vaccination is voluntary for uniformed and civilian personnel no longer deployed to the US CENTCOM AOR or Korean Peninsula who have received at least one dose previously. Anthrax immunizations is administered as a series of five 0.5-ml doses at 0, 4 weeks, 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months, with an annual booster to maintain immunity.

10. Privately Owned Fire Arms are not authorized.

Tobacco Use Cessation Camp Casey
Army Public Health Nursing offers a four week group class offering strategies and support assisting those ready to take the important step to stop using tobacco products. Classes including information on preparing to quit, addiction, nicotine replacement therapy and side effects, stress management, along with nutrition and exercise.
Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Camp Casey
Individual or group preparation. Available employment assistance through briefings, workshops, seminars, and classes on employment related topics. One-on-one mentoring with experienced counselors.
VA Benefits Advisor Camp Humphreys
VA Benefits office for USAG Yongsan has closed and moved to Camp Humphreys. VA Benefits Advisors provide information and benefits assistance to Service Members, Veterans, and their families to ensure a smooth and successful transition to civilian life. We are trained in all VA benefits and services, and have experience with the nuances of eligibility and the application process. We provide the mandatory VA Benefits I and VA Benefits II Briefings for Service Members. We are available to provide individual assistance to help address specific questions about benefits and filing claims. We also provide briefings to various groups about VA Benefits and programs.In conjunction with the scheduled VA Benefits I and II Briefings or Career Technical Training Track Workshops, or call to schedule individual assistance.
Value of Life / Suicide Prevention / Intervention Hotline
FROM YOUR KOREAN CELL PHONE: 0808-555-118, DSN 118 The Korea-wide 24/7 (Value of Life) Suicide Crisis Lifeline supports the Department of Defense's goal to minimize the risk of suicide for Service members, Family Members, and DOD Employee's. (Value of Life) Suicide-prevention programs implement control measures to address and minimize risk factors while strengthening the factors that mitigate those risks. This is a toll-free number in South Korea that is dedicated and directly routed to the Military/Veteran's Crisis Line [National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)] and has a reach-back capability to alert our Joint Police Information Center for a coordinated community intervention response. Hotlines--trained attendants: 24/7/365 Korea Wide Suicide Crisis Lifeline: 0808-555-118 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Text: 838255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Online Chat: https: Korea Crisis Line: DSN 118 On Post Emergency DSN 911 / Cell 031-690-7911 Off post Emergency DSN 99-119 / Cell 119
Vehicle Registration K-16 Air Base
Provides DoD Civilians, Retirees, Contractors and certain authorized individuals to register their vehicles in Korea. Vehicles registered must follow all US and Korean laws. Fines for infractions are mailed to individuals. Registration authorizes vehicles access on all government instillations in Korea.

Deregisters vehicles before selling or shipping to outside Korea.

Vehicle Registration Yongsan
Provides DoD Civilians, Retirees, Contractors and certain authorized individuals to register their vehicles in Korea. Vehicles registered must follow all US and Korean laws. Fines for infractions are mailed to individuals. Registration authorizes vehicles access on all government instillations in Korea.

Deregisters vehicles before selling or shipping to outside Korea.

Veterinary Treatment Facility Camp Humphreys
Veterinary Services are no longer provided on USAG Yongsan. USAG Humphreys provides via: 106th MED DET (VSS)

Provide Veterinary Service Support and Force Health Protection for Unified Land Operations in the event of transition to hostilities and sustain “Fight Tonight” readiness through the Armistice Operations within the Korean Theater of Operation.

What we offer:

• Limited Sick Call

• Health Certificates

• Immunizations (vaccines)

• Microchips

• NEO Guidance

• Laboratory

• Radiology

• Ultrasound

• Surgery (limited basis)

What we DO NOT offer:

• Emergency care

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Overseas
Supplemental nutritional program based on income eligibility for those stationed overseas. For Civilian employees, Department of Defense contractors, Family members, Members of the uniformed services
Worship Services K-16
Protestant Service Sunday 1100 hours Catholic Mass Sunday 0900 hours Worship Services, Volunteering, Other Social and Spiritual Resources